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Investment Philosophy



In a world that is being radically transformed by technology and increasingly volatile geopolitics, passive investment strategies can no longer outperform. Alpha belongs to active strategies that can invest in sync with the dynamics at play.
Being relevant comes by staying active.



We believe consistent outperformance requires complete freedom from relatively looking at the world. It is why we design investment strategies for superior returns no matter how volatile or benign the market environment. With this absolute objective, comes clarity of thought.
Being relevant requires an absolute focus on returns.



Embedded within our processes and systems is the conviction that the surest way to success in investing is through cultivation of a multitude of opinions and perspectives. By bringing together this diversity of ideas within our investment framework, we aim to unearth every possible opportunity in any set of circumstances.
Being relevant means having an unconstrained perspective.

Through this trinity of active management, absolute returns and unconstrained investing, quant money manager generates enduring value for our clients.

Investment Framework


The core engine that drives us and sets us apart is a robust and differentiated investment framework that enables us to see beyond the horizon and stay relevant.

Our unique analytical framework for enabling 'predictive analytics' encompasses all available asset classes and sectors, formulating a multi-dimensional research perspective.

Why multi-dimensional?

Because the markets are a complex, dynamic system. There is no one formula or strategy or perspective that can consistently outperform. A diverse set of variables and participants are continuously interacting with each other in a myriad ways.

In the face of this uncertainty and complexity, we have found consistent success by studying markets along four dimensions as opposed to limiting ourselves to any one school of thought: Valuation, Liquidity, Risk Appetite, and Time.

Stages of a Market Cycle

Market Cycle

Valuation: Knowing the difference between price and value.

Liquidity: Understanding the flow of money across asset classes.

Risk Appetite: Perceiving what drives market participants to certain actions and reactions.

Time: Being aware of the cycles that govern how the other three dimensions interact.

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